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11 de junho de 2013

Still in love

It’s hard for me to be crazy in love with someone. I’ve only been that way one time. It has last forever... My veins are strictly attached to yours. Anywhere I turn, here you are: on my back, on my right, on my left; from head to toe.
How can I adore every piece of someone else when I desire yours?
I can’t find no person to this world where I feel safe inside. I tried… And they tried. But never seems to work. When their arms surround me, I feel crushed. When their whispers come to my ear, they give me chills, that corrupt through my body and end up lock inside my head saying it’s something dangerous about them, about the action of loving. When their lips try to touch mine, I feel nausea. Oh, babe, I don’t know how to like anyone else. I feel I’m a flame extinguish, when with you I was inflaming and setting this world on fire.
I don’t find them attractive. Their knees don’t talk to me. Their hands don’t call mine. Their bodies don’t fit my own. How can I look to someone else when you are what I see in my own reflection?
It’s an unbearable feeling… Knowing I lost you, and knowing I can’t find anyone else.
It’s not that you are perfect… Oh honey, you’re so far from it. But I fell in love not only for who you are, but for your whole soul. I find myself right hooked on you. I fell in love with the words you said. With the way you react. With the way I love to make you laugh. With your feet rubbed against mine – and I hate feet.  With the way your eyes look bright beneath your silly glasses. I find you beautiful in every aspect, even when you make me hate you. Yes, I hate the way you make me feel when we are together, I hate the way you take me for granted, I hate the way you annoy me to my guts. Nobody tells me anything anymore. My soul doesn’t tremble to anyone else’s presence.
You have won a special place in my heart, that unfortunately  is filled with emptiness, bareness and blankness. You are the first, and the last longing.
And even when I grow up, I know there’s a part of me which will always be a child for you.  You’re the first big kiss, the huge hug, the long hours, the great afternoons and the better nights. You’ll be with me. And I know I’ll be with you, whether you want it or not. That is what calms me down, what rests my mind: I am in you like you are in me. No matter how many years pass, how many girls come, I’ll always be your original. Doesn’t matter if we don’t talk now or even if we don’t ever speak again… despite everything, we have changed each other, and no one can change that. Not even ourselves.
Embrace me in your past, as I’ll remember you in my future. Let me be in your mind as you are in my memories. Don’t be afraid to remember me, for as I don’t ever forget you. Move on – but keep a bit of me in you, because it will never be gone.

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