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12 de setembro de 2013

Insane, random and non-sense II

Anywhere I look, I see the same dream-smashers, sex-addicts, drug-conservative, anti-homo-believers. They are all eating your soul away and you have to swim. You have to swim, you have to keep up with your own body when it’s slipping away… Fight the fire, grab everything and run. Your madness can’t hurt you, only if you try to hide it. I feel good today. It’s not your fault, don’t worry. All this craziness, will, eventually, pass. And you don’t even notice it. You’re old now, aren’t you? You’re so old with your 19 years. They felt fast and here you are, knowing exactly what to do with your life, but LOST. It’s 4am and I’m not at home. Mum, I’m fine, it smells like psychos in here. They won’t hurt me as I am one of them. Peter Pan joins us too, sometimes. This is the place where I came to stop growing. The world is walking so damn fast and I’m tired. I lay my bed on her shoulder and I know clocks don’t exist for a second and it’s not 2019 and I’m not 23 and I don’t have a boring job and a boring family and a boring life and  won’t have a boring death with a full freak show funeral, like the others. Oh, boy, am I living the dream or what? Relax, honey, sure you are the exception to this big cliché. After all, they did a movie about you. About how you stand out in the middle of the crow. Sad little fucker. You’re dead. He is too. You all are. Dead, dead, dead. Call me insane!! I am. Clap, clap. Go make a commercial song about it. Cheers. Don’t look the other way… they got you good. You’ll never be out. Oh dear, you don’t even want to. Call your destiny, tell it you’re coming and that bitch better be ready to run. 

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