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21 de julho de 2014

Time. hours. minutes. seconds. days. weeks. months. years. centuries... people. stop. stop with the numbers because they are just messing with your head. 

Memories are not based on time, are not measured by the day they happen. 
When you are older and you look back, you remember the day you met them. You remember the afternoon you spent singing. You remember to have danced all night long. You remember the people you were with and the feelings you got then. You remember looking at his lips and wondering how they would taste pressed against yours. You remember making campfires and singing around it. You remember how your favourite teacher sounded like. You recall the big fight you had with your mother. You remember that girl you kissed that made you feel you had fireworks inside your belly. Now tell me...does it matter if it was 30th of august or the 2nd of july?

Time is just a number. Age is just a number, as well. Prices, money - are just numbers. Can't you see it's an invention? Something made up, an ilusion created by real people, with real laughs, with real memories. Take your clock off. Let go of your phone when you're in good company.
Let go. These things they are made to help you, not to control you.

The only time I know is the time I had and the time I still have left.
If we can't tell - and we can't - when will we die, what is time?
What are these numbers we attribute ourselves? What does it matter if I'm 17 or 71, if I can die at any of these ages?

You should use hours as a tool, not as a god. You arrive on time at work, but the only thing you have to know is that the sun shines at daytime and the moon loves in the sky at night. And sometimes, if you look up the sky is still lighted on but you can already see a shy moon. Not even the sun and the moon follow the rules...

Don't let this control you, otherwise, the only thing you'll be late for, is your life.

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