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5 de julho de 2015

Girls 1.0

You are a girl against one night stands because they make you feel you're an used object and you don't like when they touch your arm like they're entering a road where the final destination is your panties and that's okay.  

You're a girl and you're 18 and you're still a virgin and you want to save yourself to someone you love because you respect your body too much to let it be touched by hands that are not filled with love and caring and admirations towards it and that's okay. 

You're a girl that likes boys but doesn't like feelings, that likes sex but doesn't like attachment and prefers to be with someone every once in a while and feels comfortable in leaving when feelings arrive and that's okay.  

You are a girl that doesn't feel sexually attracted to anyone and doesn't see sex as a natural need and that's okay.  

You're a girl that met a guy in a bar and the chemistry between you two was undeniable and you went and had sex in the back seat of his Opel Astra while Ben Howard played in the radio and that's okay.  

You are okay. 

You'll be okay even after you think you wanted to go home with him only to regret it in the next morning and in the next month when he didn't return any of your calls.  

You'll be okay even after you explore your boundaries and find out what you dislike and what makes you feel comfortable and what makes your brain sored for one week for thinking about it so much.  

You'll be okay if you know deep down what you want and aren't willing to try to see if you'd change your mind.  

You'll be okay.  

You'll be okay even if you aren't any of these girls. 
You'll be okay if you are all this girls at once.  

None of this makes you 
slutty or 
easy or 
prude or 
cold blooded or 
a bitch or... 

None of this gives you a title. Sex isn't dirty, even when it is. Having several sexual partners is okay. Not wanting sex is okay. One night stands are okay. Last longing relationships are okay. Asexuality is okay. Experiences are okay.  

You cannot be defined by this. As long as you feel comfortable, do it. When you don't, please stop. If it's too late and you already regretted it, get over it. Forgive yourself. Heal. Be better. Discover.  
When you are okay with what you do, the only title they can give you is ''free''. 

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