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9 de agosto de 2015

the twist

The ink of the pen of which I write with is dry
Slowly fading as it is my mind
I’ve been bad, gone and away
Weeks pass by me in a terrible way
Owner of dangerous pleasures,
Smoking is one, could you guess the rest?
Oh lord, I’m afraid of who am I becoming
You know, it’s a strange, strange feeling
That this life only tastes like dying
And if music nor love can’t save us
Maybe ecstasy can do us the favor

And it shows
The strangest connection I’ve had in months
A special mind I wish no harm could ever reach
A fragile body no bad stuff should ever touch
How could I not love you this much?

We’ll slowly dance as you take me to that unknown place
You taste (quite) like home to this homeless wonder

How your words transfigure into far, far clouds
How your thoughts could get me more addicted than any of those drugs

Baby we need no happily ever afters
We need nobody, we got each other

And all of your should’s and could’s
Bring just the right amount of doubt
to my certainty
If this isn’t it, I don’t know what can be

No promises of future,
No stories written before us
You don’t need to bother

Baby, no worries, no harm, we got each other

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