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16 de outubro de 2015


You search for my words when you’ve been up all night
Trying to figure out the answers that the moon didn’t give you
And you try to hear mine instead.
You think ‘oh, she has an old soul trapped in an 18 year old body’
but you don’t stop to wonder what made my mind grow this old
Because the process doesn’t really matter,
As long as you like the result.
I will hear you for hours and hours,
My own project to delight upon
I will fight to help you.
You will come again,
Because my words seem to fit just right into your problems,
The resolution of your conflicts.
You’ll use me as your confessional,
Trying to seek in me for your salvation.
But remember,
I don’t rescue – I only listen.
You will tell me your secrets and I will save them
in parts of me that no one gets to see
you’re safe with me.
And I may even ignore my own troubles
with the space yours occupy in me.
There’s no good reason I’m worn as a safe board,
You won’t be the first to use me as a shelter in the middle of the storm
There were ones before you
And there may be ones after
Your stay relies on one thing:

Where are you when it’s my turn to be weak?

What do you do when it's me who wants to scream?
I live under thunders and lightings too,
And I may look strong, 
but sometimes, I'll seek for shelter in you. 

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