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2 de março de 2015


As I walk my infinite path, the streets either get smaller or larger. They are being built on the way, as I am ever on the road. People pass, in and through me. I walk half of the time during the day, another half at night. The day, even bright, blinds my eyes. The night, even scary, allows me to see the stars. And every once in a while, I have a glimpse – it’s this fast and brief light that fascinates me and makes me stop my pace. This is a story about it - I will look back and think: remember the night where you saw that shooting star?
There was a sound in the background, the light soundtrack playing on live stream – it’s the nude feeling of breaking the routine. Hidden under dark shades, you have more than meets the eye.
Although you live through your words, you sound like someone that could hear the voice of my silences; someone to understand my chaos, and yet I’m dying to ask: who hurt you? Who changed you? Who made sadness rest in your eyes?
More than pre-fabricated talks, you’re not one of those that comes in a box - no price tag, just value.
I have come up with the solution that this world is not made to be your home - you have better places to be. But before leaving, shooting star, be the light that guides me.

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