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5 de julho de 2015

You're a fighter boy, it's written in your existance
But you would give me the victory with no resistance.

I own the shiver your body offers
and without permission you walked into these troubled waters.

We were never ethical
but you have just the right amount of bad
to make a girl feel glad.

I can sense the way you see me
It's not real.
You think you love me,
but let me tell you,
you're wrong.

There's nothing here to like.
You won't find it searching through my bones.
You won't find it checking into my bruises.

You say my smile looks like vacations
and that my eyes take you to unknown destinations

I'm not a lottery ticket you can win.
I'm not a lucky strike that gazzes upon you
I'm not a wish you can ask in a shooting star
I'm a one way ticket in a destination you should be running from

And if this feeling has an end,
can you bring it?

And if this feeling has an end,
would you kill it?

1 comentário:

  1. Não fales menos de ti, passas errada impressão
    A tua fascinante personalidade e eterna ambição
    A tua escrita incrivel, a tua forma de expressão
    Como deixas no papel nada mais que tinta e emoção

    Bem que tentas, mas não consegues enganar
    Miúda como tu , nem te tentes desprezar
    Deixas homens caídos simplesmente ao passar
    Um olhar no fundo dos teus olhos , é de cortar o ar

    Ler como te vês , para mim é uma chatice
    És linda e perfeita como és, abre os olhos Alice